Data Entry Assistant

By September 30, 2019 Jobs

Heart to Heart food pantry at First Community Church

Job Description

Title: Volunteer Data Entry Assistant

Reports to: Food Pantry Director

Status: Volunteer

Anticipated Work Hours: 2 hours per week


Job Summary

Help with data entry for Heart to Heart food pantry at First Community Church.  Input provided information into usable format for upload to database. Information is used to report statistics for the food pantry.

Essential Functions

  • Maintaining direct communication with the Director and Administrator.
    • Regularly check emails and text messages from individuals in the organization, and returning or being available for phone calls as needed.
  • Entry of statistical information in a format provided by the Missions Administrator.
    • Submission of this information at regular intervals.
    • Observance of established deadlines for reporting this information.

Other Responsibilities

  • Regularly review meeting minutes from volunteer committee and respond as applicable.
  • Attend other meetings and activities as requested by the Food Pantry Director and Missions Administrator.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Access to and working knowledge of internet and computer.
  • Working familiarity with Microsoft Excel.
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Access.

Core Competencies

Organization. Must have excellent time management skills; return phone calls expeditiously and courteously, and communicates information in a timely manner.

Flexibility. Have the ability to respond to unexpected situations and other circumstances that may arise, and adjust work priorities appropriately.

Trust and Integrity. Is trustworthy and truthful; can compassionately communication and listen with confidence and confidentiality.