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Meeting Notes: January 23

By January 23, 2019 Meetings

1/23 Steering Committee Notes

  • Submitted by: Amy Caskie
  • Attending: Lamar Graham, Amy Caskie, Melody Smiley, Janie Ledman, Leslie Bowman, Michael Delphia, Kathleen Hatcher, Kitty Rohrer, Loren VanDeusen, Nancy Donaldson, Mark Tucker, Janice Rook

Opening Prayer: Lamar

Introduction: Lamar

  • What he sees us doing as a steering committee
  • Strategic direction
  • Values varieties of talents and skills of all individuals on team
  • Everyone here is a key volunteer and vital to our success
  • Not a voting democracy
    • Kitty: then what recourse do we have?
    • Amy: direct communication with Lamar
    • Kathleen: email/text response is lagging
    • Lamar: will work on better communication

Personal Introductions/ What is New and Good

  • Lamar is going on vacation. Recently spent time with grandparents
  • Nancy Donaldson
  • Mark Tucker coordinates larger pickups and does them 4-5 days a week. Going to Hawaii in 2 weeks.
  • Michael Delphia loves ordering from MOFB. His goal is to always have some of everything.
  • Kitty works the desk on Tuesday and supervises Leslie, who is almost done with her MSW. She also handles resource line team. Brief overview of how that works.
  • Janice works late shift Tuesdays and Thursdays, sometimes helps Weds night stocking.
  • Leslie Bowman’s daughter made the cast of Cinderella at Ballet Met April 17-ish. Her car is now fixed.
  • Amy is not a volunteer, working for all of Missions.
  • Kathleen now does the closing shift on Thursday instead of shopping shifts and helping melody stock on Wednesday afternoon. Good in her life is visiting her one-year old grandson next weekend and will miss the Hoedown.
  • Melody is the head of stocking, and often comes in Tue/Thu as well. She has taken over the role and made it awesome.
  • Jane Ledman team leader Thursday morning. Good news is planning a family reunion in November.
  • Loren and Cheryl run the NC gardens and working on Community gardens. Van Deusens leaving tomorrow for Napa Valley to visit family.

Old Business

  • AC Unit in Pantry
    • John Oberlin has obtained 3 bids for the AC Unit
    • Mark Tucker is ready to move forward, waiting on more information from Pam
  • Re-donating Children’s Books
    • Lutheran Social Services food pantry
    • Melody regularly puts them out in pantry, gave several to Christmas Presence
    • Nancy Donaldson knows another person who might be interested in them
    • Group agrees we should share the books.
    • Other book-related ideas:
      • Unassigned Action Item: Get in touch with church leaders of youth to do service project reading to kids in the pantry as there are more children in the pantry in the summer
      • Unassigned Action Item: Team leaders run a program to reward kids for reading while they are there
      • Action Item: Loren was doing to investigate small toys as rewards for reading from Star Beacon/Dollar Store
      • Unassigned  Action Item: Find resources for adult literacy.
  • Back Up Volunteers
    • Collect contact information and follow up with them for specifics in Sign Up Genius
      • Action Item: Amy will add an additional question to each Sign Up Genius
      • Unassigned Action Item: someone will follow up to see when and for what they’re willing to volutneer
      • No volunteer contact information will be shared without expressed permission
    • All volunteers have access to the list
      • Action Item: Amy will create the list and post it on the password-protected webpage for Volunteers
      • Amy reviewed how to access this new page, handout distributed with password
        • Amy will post meeting notes as blog posts and corrections can be made in comments sections
    • Shared place for volunteer ideas to live, possible a distribution email list.
      • Revisit this idea: Too many emails back and forth, think of a way to put them all in one place without “Reply All” emails
  • Case Worker Shop Day
    • Kitty revisited and emphasized the need for a separate shopping time for case managers and clients
      • suggested trying to work out a shopping time on Friday
      • offered to try to tally an approximate number of shoppers this might involve

New Business


  • Team suggested Adult Waivers with place to add emergency contact
  • All current volunteers need to give us an emergency contact for each volunteer
  • Amy Caskie has contacted Paul Anderson to review current waivers in place
  • Action Item: Amy will add possibility of an adult waiver to the list

Volunteer Orientation

  • Volunteers would have to provide their emergency contact info
  • Idea to create an orientation video for all volunteers that would cover such things as
    • what to do in case of emergency
    • how to use sign up genius
    • possible ways to volunteer
    • what to do if you’re picking up a donation (don’t sign up if you don’t know how)
    • how to lift and carry things (OSHA regulations)
    • paperwork you need to fill out and information we need to have for you.
    • Action Items: Subcommittee to work on all things video should cover
      • Kitty
      • Lamar
      • Amy
      • Melody
      • Mark
    • Subcommittee will gather information and present to entire steering committee for review before contacting Marketing dept to record.

Recycling Cardboard

  • Overflow of container continues to be a problem
    • Pam wants us to get another recycle dumpster for Heart to Heart use only
    • Action Item: Lamar will touch base with Pam to investigate getting another dumpster

Hunger Hoedown

  • Please sign up to volunteer
    • especially need food donations
  • Please purchase tickets online
    • share the event with friends/invite people on social media

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

  • Please RSVP ASAP
  • Suggestion that future volunteer dinners should include a guest speaker or training of some sort

Volunteer with Monday Night Meals

  • Lamar explained how this works with Carol Baker and Friends of the Homeless
  • Group concluded this is something enough of them would be interested in doing to decide on a date
  • Action Item: Amy will include a link to vote on which date is best in weekly email
    • April 15 or March 18

Souper Heroes

  • Kitty explained how the event works
  • Hey Hey Bar & Grille on January 27


  • Next meeting: Wednesday, February 27, 12pm-2pm