Do Justice.

Love Kindness.

Walk Humbly.


In 1986, a group of First Community Church members gathered to develop a congregation-wide mission project to put their faith into action. As a result, Project Adelphos was established connecting volunteers with needs in the community. The name was changed to Heart to Heart to better reflect the goal of uniting individuals one-on-one. Through the commitment and passion of FCC members, volunteers, and the local community, Heart to Heart has grown from a congregational mission to a valuable community resource.

Mission Statement

The mission of Heart to Heart is to respond to God’s commandment to love one another.


The vision of Heart to Heart is to model God’s love by:

  • Cultivating a loving community
  • Honoring individual gifts
  • Feeding bodies and souls

…and seeing everyone as a child of God.

Volunteer Covenant

We agree to foster a welcoming culture of kindness and respect that upholds the worth and dignity of every person, striving to listen with empathy, and use teamwork to carry out the mission and vision of Heart to Heart.

Please direct all inquires to: