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Meeting Notes: February 27

By February 27, 2019 Meetings

2/27 Steering Committee Notes

Submitted by: Kathleen Kennedy-Hatcher/Amy Caskie
Attendance: Lamar Graham, Amy Caskie, Kitty Rohrer, Janice Rook, Melody Smiley, Jane Ledman, Carla Edlefson, Kathleen Hatcher


  • What’s Good and New?


  • Amy is working with FCC Business Office to obtain emergency contact and waiver forms for volunteers. She will have information by March meeting. UPDATE: The business office at the direction of Paul Anderson is working on waivers and emergency contacts (as a whole) for the organization. We will continue operating as we have been until we receive update from them. New Volunteers should fill out a “Volunteer Application” which requests emergency contact info. Amy can show the group where that information lives if needed at March meeting.
  • Lamar will check with Pam about an additional recycling bin. We are not sure of the current schedule. UPDATE: We can request another pickup day but not another bin. The issue being we are unsure they are actually getting picked up twice a week and when.
  • Separate case manager/client shopping day. Kitty has identified 2 or 3 possible homes to start. She proposes a Friday shopping time once a month. This will need to be scheduled around Friday deliveries. Lamar endorses this plan. A tentative trial (Soft Open) may be scheduled in June; we will discuss more specifics in March.
  • John Oberlin has obtained information on 3-4 options for additional AC. Lamar has shared them with Pam. Kathleen noted that all rooms on the north side of the annex building seem to be overheated…is this a building problem?
  • Lamar has a short list of possible trade partners to barter food. Melody has started trading with a church in Hilliard.
  • The committee on Volunteer Orientation will meet Monday, March 4, at noon. (Amy, Kitty, Leslie, Mark, Melody and Lamar) UPDATE: Meeting occurred. Melody, Leslie and Amy were unable to attend. Lamar will update us at the March meeting.
  • Eagle Scout Ian Murphy will repair and repainted our hallway March 8-10. UPDATE: Rescheduled to April 26-April 28
  • We have a lockbox containing pantry keys on the waiting room door. If the outside annex door is locked, the church receptionist has keys we can sign out and sign in on return. UPDATE: There is a key for the van in the lock box as well.
  • Lamar will be out of the country March 5-15. Will send an email to volunteer leaders reviewing responsibilities.
  • Hunger Hoedown profits were $2400!! 165 people attended. Next year’s date is 2/7/20.


  • Proposed by Janice: H2H future goals, 1 year, 5 year, etc. Our committee should keep these in mind as we meet.
  • Emergency food box procedures: There is one at both campus reception desks and Melody has some stored in the pantry for stocking days (Melody please update where they are located). If someone requests emergency food box, they need to fill out an ODJFS form and return it to Lamar. That’s our signal to replace the box and we also log it on Pantry Trak.
  • Setting a 15-minute limit on prayer and fellowship especially if our meetings are 90 minutes.
  • Inquired about the consideration of additional salaried personnel
  • Amy would like to take the group over to the pantry and review where they can find information in the desk and on the computer.
    1. Direct retail pickup forms
    2. ODJFS forms
    3. Receipt forms
    4. Proxy forms
    5. Minor Waivers
    6. Service Provider forms
    7. New> Volunteer Contact info
    8. Sheets for recording mats, blankets, etc.

NEXT MEETING: March 27, 12-1:30pm in the South Campus library