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Meeting Notes: March 27

By March 27, 2019 Meetings

3/27 Steering Committee Notes

Submitted by: Amy Caskie
Attendance: Lamar Graham, Amy Caskie,

Volunteer Committee Meeting

March 27, 2019

Jane began with a short prayer.

Lamar let us know there was no agenda. His vision for the future of Heart to Heart is a larger building with quality food and services including services of other organizations (Employment, Social Services, Voter Registration, etc). This would be an expansion of what we’re already doing on a grander scale, in order to impact the larger community.

Lamar asked what our major concerns were as it pertains to Heart to Heart.

  • Amy noted that we could use more employees.
  • Cheryl discussed how she and Loren are talking about the focus of their service going forward in light of their health issues. She updated us a lot on the Share and Learn gardens at MECDC. Also discussed future community garden at North Campus.
  • Kathleen shared her concern regarding volunteer burnout including duties placed on volunteers that maybe should not.
  • Kathleen is concerned that we are getting so much food that sometimes we have to give it to other organizations. Mark and Melody second that concern. Do we have the resources to be a distribution center for all the organizations?
  • What is the strategy for pickups? The locations are too far away, using their own gas, age concerns for retired volunteers, and to do all that work and not keeping some the food.
  • Building access:
    • 1984* Lincoln Road Chapel lock box:
      • Contains key to Lincoln Road
      • Key to Heart to Heart van
      • Contains key to Annex?
    • 1042 Heart to Heart door lock box
      • Key to Pantry
      • Key to Waiting Room
      • Key to Spiritual Searcher room
    • Reception desk has access to the annex key
      • Steve McClarren Friday mornings at 6:30am needs regular access
    • When we have too much of something we should give more out to clients. What we have is what we share.
    • Janice Rook suggested a weekly update from Lamar about the strategy for food distribution.
    • The leak in the roof is still not fixed
      • Can maintenance empty the bucket of water from the leak into the sink and wipe down the walls?
    • Bob from the Rotary has funds he might donate
      • He has used commercial shelving he wants to give us for the basement in Lincoln Road, which is too full to even get the shelves in. Melody needs help to set those up. Kate said we need locking doors to secure things before we invest too much time and energy.
  • Jane April 17-27 vacation
  • Kitty April 9-May 31 vacation

Leaders will have the list:

  • Backup last minute volunteers
  • Update regularly

NEXT MEETING: April 24, 12-1:30pm in the South Campus library

30 minutes next meeting for looking at where to find things