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Meeting Notes: May 22

By May 23, 2019 Meetings

5/22 Steering Committee Notes                              

Submitted by: Amy Caskie

South Campus Library 12:00pm

  1. Attendance
    1. Lamar Graham
    2. Amy Caskie
    3. Kathleen Lennon
    4. Diane Sturges
    5. Carla Edelfson
    6. Janice Rook
  2. Garage Sale discussion
  3. Opening prayer
  4. New and Good
    1. Lamar is going to a graduation in Dayton this weekend and seeing his family.
    2. Kathleen’s grandson put a roly poly in his belly button and it was adorable and gross.
    3. Carla Edelfson will be walking in PRIDE and is training to be a Stephen minister at her church.
    4. Janice Rook is still trying to sell her house. She will snowbird to Florida 3 months a year. She volunteered at the Garage Sale last week and had a good time.
    5. Diane has water therapy for her knee. Thanked everyone for Hunger Walk volunteering.
  5. Diane Sturges was invited since she runs the Cooking Class.
      1. Girl Scout, Georgia Ryan, going to prep recipe cards to be available in the pantry.
  6. Melody update
      1. Matt is doing better. He is doing PT and OT, in home nurse. Continue to pray for them.
  7. Air Conditioner
      1. Quote over $13K from Pam. Lamar is looking for alternatives.
      2. Project is taking a frustratingly long time, Pam unwilling to bend.
      3. Room is uncomfortable to volunteers and clients.
      4. Everyone is willing to support with whatever Lamar needs to get it done.
      5. Consider alternatives until AC installed
        • Not keeping all fridge and freezers stocked and power on to cut down on heat produced.
        • Now giving out 3 meat items to each client to empty out or stock weekly.
  8.  Roofing
      1. It will be done, we are on the list of upcoming jobs.
      2. The temporary solution is not leaking despite rainfall.
  9.  Budget
      1. Lamar is trying to figure out how to share this information.
      2. He asked for Janice’s help in organizing and communicating the budget.
  10. Review Eagle Scout Project
      1. Getting smaller table in the back corner for space issues
      2. Donated organizers for the refreshment supplies under the tables.
  11. Upcoming events
    1. May 31 Gardening Group will be working around the Annex building (sides and front). It’s a different group but they are still doing it with Loren’s plan.
    2. June 3 Tri-Village Golf event You can still sign up to golf in the tournament. Last year we received $6,400 from the event and this year their goal is $10,000
    3. June 7-9 Arts Festival, we still need more volunteers for the beverage booth. Doing Friday night as well as usual Saturday through Sunday.
    4. June 16-22 Amy, Kate and Lamar will be gone on the Back Bay Mission trip. All are working remotely and Lamar will have a plan in place to run the pantry in our absence.
  12. Old Business not reviewed to discuss in June meeting
      1. Budget and strategic plan
      2. Volunteer recruitment effort
      3. Staff members
  13. The group went over to the pantry and Amy gave a quick rundown
      1. Form blanks in bottom drawer of front desk
      2. Completed forms (and other files) to look up on the computer using the new server folder and Heart to Heart volunteer profile.

1:30pm Meeting adjourned.