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Meeting Notes: July 24

By July 25, 2019 Meetings

Volunteer Steering Committee Meeting                             

July 24, 2019      12:00pm


Attendance: Leslie Bowman, Michael Delphia, Kitty Rohrer, Lamar Graham, Jane Ledman, Amy Caskie, Carla Edelfson, Kathleen Hatcher, Janice Rook, Melody Smiley


Discussion Summary

  1. Budget and strategic plan
  • Reviewed current balance as of June 30.
  • Lamar intends to present a strategic plan in September including both short term and long-term goals, and including information on plans, goals and budgets
  • Group would like to see averages expenses vs. income by category per month for food pantry
  • Some group members offered help and resources
  • Michael Delphia reviewed MOFB order process
    • Average $1200 and 6-7,000 lbs of food per month
    • Sometimes misc free items to order from MOFB he orders when he can
    • Always need soup, tuna, canned veggies and toiletries (short list to give to food drives)
  • Current excess of food
    • Leslie mentioned surplus (3x) is unintended consequence of new tariffs (feast now, famine coming)
    • Carla mentioned government’s intention to take up to 3 million people off food stamps in 2020
  1. Personnel
  • Staff Members
    • Working with church leaders to define employee roles, write job descriptions and make some internal changes in the department.
    • In the future, we are looking to hire more employees.
    • Defining our current roles and making a strategic plan will help us to determine precisely the type of position we will hire.
    • The new position will be an employee of FCC and we must go through the process FCC dictates in creating and hiring new positions.
  • Volunteer Recruitment and orientation efforts
    • Everyone would like to see clearly defined job descriptions for Lamar and Amy
    • Volunteer leaders would like to see clearly defined job descriptions for themselves and have them posted or available to share with everyone
    • Sub Committee working on volunteer orientation manual and eventually a video
  • Volunteer Retention efforts
    • Leslie to give presentation to mission council in September regarding her study on volunteer retention and group expressed interest in including volunteers from H2H
    • Discussed future of volunteer appreciation events and considered whether combining them with educational opportunities would be beneficial
    • Volunteer appreciation event coming up in September
  1. Air Conditioner
  • Heat continues to be an issue in the pantry
    • With one freezer temporarily out of commission, temperatures are slightly better. Reviewed why operating freezers put out heat and disadvantage of glass doors.
    • Group worried about safety standards for food and health of volunteers
    • Group decided to take room temps every day in multiple locations to track ambient temperature
  • Lamar is working with Facilities and Leadership to determine next steps going forward.
    • It continues to be frustrating for volunteers and they would like more status updates.
    • The decision must be unanimous among all parties involved per FCC procedure
    • 3 bids were obtained with help from Mark & John; Facilities only works with highest bidder
    • Lamar is trying to justify significant cost of working with highest bidder when lower bids are available, and the entire cost of the project will come from Heart to Heart budget
    • Funds have been donated by Mark Tucker specifically ear marked for the project, but will not cover in its entirety
  1. Roofing
  • Roof is fixed
  • Facilities is in process of repairing ceiling where leaks stained
  1. Current Events
  • Georgia Ryan, church member and Girl Scout, is collecting recipes and doing tastings for her gold award project.
  • August 4 is Farmer’s Market.
    • Several church and outside orgs working together to raise money for Heart to Heart and the Share and Learn Gardens at north campus.
    • Cheryl is event chair and will be at North. Kitty running the sale at South Campus.
    • Heart to Heart will have an open house during the event?
  1. Other concerns and items for discussion per group
  • We need to advertise for voter registration inside the pantry.
  • Every volunteer needs to use the sign-up genius, no exceptions.
  • Jan, Bonnie and Marcy have raised $142 selling zinnias from the garden in soup cans on Sundays.


Next meeting

Wednesday, August 28, 12pm in the South Campus Library