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June 2019

Statistics: May 2019

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Unique Volunteers                                         67

Food Donated to Other Agencies              1075


Service Statistics

Households served                                        443

Individuals served                                          1460

Seniors served (60+)                                      241

Adults served (18-59)                                    733

Children served (0-18)                                  486

Meals served                                                   13140


Food Received (pounds)

Aldi                                                                    2336

Fresh Market                                                   1562

Giant Eagle                                                      2697

GFS                                                                    689

Huffman’s Market                                          105

Kroger                                                               614

Marc’s                                                               765

Mid-Ohio Foodbank                                      10,760

Ordered                              6,481

Donated                             4,279

Penzey’s Spices                                               51

Starbucks                                                          50

Target                                                               5095

First Community Church                              966

Annex building                  953

North Campus                   11

South Campus                   2


Volunteer of the Month: June 2019

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Margaret Carter, “Coupon Lady”

Margaret Carter first became acquainted with Heart to Heart five years ago after moving to Columbus. She first volunteered as a shopper, but for the last three years she has become well known in the pantry as the “Coupon Lady”.

Heart to Heart provides a coupon box that clients are welcome to search through to save money on items the pantry does not provide. Margaret has stepped into the role of managing, clipping, and sorting coupons.

“Even though this is a very small job in the life of Heart to Heart, it is just a way in which I can play a part in this wonderful ministry, helping clients to save a little money and serving God.”

Thank you, Margaret!