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Meeting Notes: July 24

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Volunteer Steering Committee Meeting                             

July 24, 2019      12:00pm


Attendance: Leslie Bowman, Michael Delphia, Kitty Rohrer, Lamar Graham, Jane Ledman, Amy Caskie, Carla Edelfson, Kathleen Hatcher, Janice Rook, Melody Smiley


Discussion Summary

  1. Budget and strategic plan
  • Reviewed current balance as of June 30.
  • Lamar intends to present a strategic plan in September including both short term and long-term goals, and including information on plans, goals and budgets
  • Group would like to see averages expenses vs. income by category per month for food pantry
  • Some group members offered help and resources
  • Michael Delphia reviewed MOFB order process
    • Average $1200 and 6-7,000 lbs of food per month
    • Sometimes misc free items to order from MOFB he orders when he can
    • Always need soup, tuna, canned veggies and toiletries (short list to give to food drives)
  • Current excess of food
    • Leslie mentioned surplus (3x) is unintended consequence of new tariffs (feast now, famine coming)
    • Carla mentioned government’s intention to take up to 3 million people off food stamps in 2020
  1. Personnel
  • Staff Members
    • Working with church leaders to define employee roles, write job descriptions and make some internal changes in the department.
    • In the future, we are looking to hire more employees.
    • Defining our current roles and making a strategic plan will help us to determine precisely the type of position we will hire.
    • The new position will be an employee of FCC and we must go through the process FCC dictates in creating and hiring new positions.
  • Volunteer Recruitment and orientation efforts
    • Everyone would like to see clearly defined job descriptions for Lamar and Amy
    • Volunteer leaders would like to see clearly defined job descriptions for themselves and have them posted or available to share with everyone
    • Sub Committee working on volunteer orientation manual and eventually a video
  • Volunteer Retention efforts
    • Leslie to give presentation to mission council in September regarding her study on volunteer retention and group expressed interest in including volunteers from H2H
    • Discussed future of volunteer appreciation events and considered whether combining them with educational opportunities would be beneficial
    • Volunteer appreciation event coming up in September
  1. Air Conditioner
  • Heat continues to be an issue in the pantry
    • With one freezer temporarily out of commission, temperatures are slightly better. Reviewed why operating freezers put out heat and disadvantage of glass doors.
    • Group worried about safety standards for food and health of volunteers
    • Group decided to take room temps every day in multiple locations to track ambient temperature
  • Lamar is working with Facilities and Leadership to determine next steps going forward.
    • It continues to be frustrating for volunteers and they would like more status updates.
    • The decision must be unanimous among all parties involved per FCC procedure
    • 3 bids were obtained with help from Mark & John; Facilities only works with highest bidder
    • Lamar is trying to justify significant cost of working with highest bidder when lower bids are available, and the entire cost of the project will come from Heart to Heart budget
    • Funds have been donated by Mark Tucker specifically ear marked for the project, but will not cover in its entirety
  1. Roofing
  • Roof is fixed
  • Facilities is in process of repairing ceiling where leaks stained
  1. Current Events
  • Georgia Ryan, church member and Girl Scout, is collecting recipes and doing tastings for her gold award project.
  • August 4 is Farmer’s Market.
    • Several church and outside orgs working together to raise money for Heart to Heart and the Share and Learn Gardens at north campus.
    • Cheryl is event chair and will be at North. Kitty running the sale at South Campus.
    • Heart to Heart will have an open house during the event?
  1. Other concerns and items for discussion per group
  • We need to advertise for voter registration inside the pantry.
  • Every volunteer needs to use the sign-up genius, no exceptions.
  • Jan, Bonnie and Marcy have raised $142 selling zinnias from the garden in soup cans on Sundays.


Next meeting

Wednesday, August 28, 12pm in the South Campus Library

Meeting Notes: May 22

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5/22 Steering Committee Notes                              

Submitted by: Amy Caskie

South Campus Library 12:00pm

  1. Attendance
    1. Lamar Graham
    2. Amy Caskie
    3. Kathleen Lennon
    4. Diane Sturges
    5. Carla Edelfson
    6. Janice Rook
  2. Garage Sale discussion
  3. Opening prayer
  4. New and Good
    1. Lamar is going to a graduation in Dayton this weekend and seeing his family.
    2. Kathleen’s grandson put a roly poly in his belly button and it was adorable and gross.
    3. Carla Edelfson will be walking in PRIDE and is training to be a Stephen minister at her church.
    4. Janice Rook is still trying to sell her house. She will snowbird to Florida 3 months a year. She volunteered at the Garage Sale last week and had a good time.
    5. Diane has water therapy for her knee. Thanked everyone for Hunger Walk volunteering.
  5. Diane Sturges was invited since she runs the Cooking Class.
      1. Girl Scout, Georgia Ryan, going to prep recipe cards to be available in the pantry.
  6. Melody update
      1. Matt is doing better. He is doing PT and OT, in home nurse. Continue to pray for them.
  7. Air Conditioner
      1. Quote over $13K from Pam. Lamar is looking for alternatives.
      2. Project is taking a frustratingly long time, Pam unwilling to bend.
      3. Room is uncomfortable to volunteers and clients.
      4. Everyone is willing to support with whatever Lamar needs to get it done.
      5. Consider alternatives until AC installed
        • Not keeping all fridge and freezers stocked and power on to cut down on heat produced.
        • Now giving out 3 meat items to each client to empty out or stock weekly.
  8.  Roofing
      1. It will be done, we are on the list of upcoming jobs.
      2. The temporary solution is not leaking despite rainfall.
  9.  Budget
      1. Lamar is trying to figure out how to share this information.
      2. He asked for Janice’s help in organizing and communicating the budget.
  10. Review Eagle Scout Project
      1. Getting smaller table in the back corner for space issues
      2. Donated organizers for the refreshment supplies under the tables.
  11. Upcoming events
    1. May 31 Gardening Group will be working around the Annex building (sides and front). It’s a different group but they are still doing it with Loren’s plan.
    2. June 3 Tri-Village Golf event You can still sign up to golf in the tournament. Last year we received $6,400 from the event and this year their goal is $10,000
    3. June 7-9 Arts Festival, we still need more volunteers for the beverage booth. Doing Friday night as well as usual Saturday through Sunday.
    4. June 16-22 Amy, Kate and Lamar will be gone on the Back Bay Mission trip. All are working remotely and Lamar will have a plan in place to run the pantry in our absence.
  12. Old Business not reviewed to discuss in June meeting
      1. Budget and strategic plan
      2. Volunteer recruitment effort
      3. Staff members
  13. The group went over to the pantry and Amy gave a quick rundown
      1. Form blanks in bottom drawer of front desk
      2. Completed forms (and other files) to look up on the computer using the new server folder and Heart to Heart volunteer profile.

1:30pm Meeting adjourned.

Meeting Notes: April 24

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4/24 Steering Committee Notes

Submitted by: Kathleen Hatcher

Attendance: Lamar Graham, Janice Rook, Melody Smiley, Kathleen Hatcher


  • Leak in pantry roof: Pam Jameson reports we are next in line for contractors to replace plastic liner and re-tar the roof.
  • AC for pantry room: Pam would like to work with Speer Company who already has a contract with the church. John Oberlin did a great job collecting information. Bob Argo (Tri-Village Rotary) has offered to help with AC financing. Melody will get Bob’s contact information to Lamar.
  • Eagle Scout Project: Repairing walls, painting, and installing a chair rail is scheduled in Annex Building hallway
  • Lamar thanked Melody for her work in bartering food with other pantries.



  • Friday, 5/3, is the annual Jones Middle Hunger Walk. Janice recommended that Lamar contact the church media department regarding publicity.
  • Melody reported that a large ant infestation in the pantry seems under control. We may ask Pam Jameson to ask church maintenance or pesticide company to check pantry window seals.
  • Melody noted the cardboard recycling overload is controlled as “overflow” is placed in the Heart to Heart van for Lamar to recycle.
  • Lamar discussed 6/3 golf fund raiser with Tri-Village Rotary. The goal this year is to raise $10,000. Janice suggested publicizing this event to church members through the weekly insert in the worship bulletin as well as the “screen news” before worship services.
  • Janice noted that many church members do not seem to be aware of Heart to Heart and perhaps other church mission work.  as a new member of the older adult council she is hoping to encourage greater synergy between Heart to Heart and other missions and this group.
  • Perhaps having an information table after services and offering short tours to small groups such as councils, guild groups, youth groups  and others would increase awareness and volunteers.
  • Lamar was contacted by a realtor’s group from the Tri-Village area  interested in providing yard work as a service project. He hoped to offer this service as a thank you to Heart to Heart volunteers. However, all 3 volunteers in attendance strongly agreed and suggested that we ask this group to provide much needed clean up around our annex building, Lincoln Road Chapel, etc.
  • Columbus Arts Festival is 6/8-6/9. Volunteers are needed to man our water/soda booth.
  • Mark Tucker has stepped down from coordinating large pick ups of donations. Lamar hopes to find another volunteer for this important position.
  • Kathleen expressed concern that our pantry volunteer “pool” seems smaller, at least as shown on Sign Up Genius listings. Lamar commented that we have some new volunteers, and that we expect more youth volunteers over summer months.
  • Janice recommended revisiting our Old Business such as orientation, emergency contact information, list of “extra” pantry tasks for slower shopping days (kid center sort, clean up), clean refrigerators, wipe out bin, flatten plastic bags), and future goals for Heart to Heart. It was also recommended that ongoing initiatives/outstanding issues be tracked through the monthly minutes to help ensure completion and/or resolution.
  • Kathleen requested a general breakdown of our budget: income and expenses. Lamar stated he would work on that.

NEXT MEETING: May 22, 12-1:30pm in the South Campus library

30 minutes next meeting for looking at where to find things

Meeting Notes: March 27b

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3/27 Orientation Planning Sub-Committee Notes

Present:  Lamar Graham, Amy Caskie, Kitty Rohrer

Divvy up organization and presentation of information


  • Why have a Food Pantry?
    • Stats & Figures re: Poverty in Central Ohio Area
    • Impact of Food Insecurity or Hunger on Individuals/Families
    • Who Are Our Clients?
    • “Poverty Brain” & impact of Chronic Stress
    • What do our clients need beyond food
      • Buffering Relationships
      • Support
      • Hope
    • Heart-to-Heart Philosophy


      • Heart-to-Heart History


      • Basic Information
        • Add pantry statistics
        • Add information about other resrouces:
          • social workers
          • health insurance
          • cooking class
          • literacy
          • cancer preventiion
          • safe sleeping practices for infants/quilting
        • Days & Times of Pantry for Clients:
          • Tues & Thurs 8:30am to 1:00pm
          • Eligibility Details for Shopping
          • Once every 30 Days
          • No Zip Code Restrictions
          • Define “Choice Pantry” & H2H’s Belief
        • Days & Times of Pantry Stocking:
          • Mondays 9:00am to 10:30am (1st, 3rd, & 4th Mondays)
          • 2nd Monday 9:00 to 10:30 & 1:00pm to 3:00pm (Big Order arrival from Mid-Ohio Food Bank)
          • Wednesdays 3:00pm to 4:30pm
          • Fridays 10:00am to 11:00am


        • Descriptions of the Various Volunteer Jobs


step-by-step pictures of stocking procedures- modeled by Sandra Young? Marcy? Carla?

          • Stocking Responsibilities
            • Lifting so much weight
            • Rotating stock
            • Weighing all donations
            • Documenting Donations
            • Recycling cardboard
            • Work with Students


            • Pickup Responsibilities
              • Stores & Locations
              • Contacts
              • Process
              • Weigh-ins & Documentation

KITTY ROHRER (W/ HELP) Sheila, Nancy, Anne

          • Client Services on Shopping Days
            • Computer Registration (Describe Pantry-Trak & our connection to Mid-Ohio Food Bank)
            • Shopping with Clients
            • Shift Leader
            • Carrying groceries to client’s cars
            • Reading to/Entertaining Children
            • Restocking treats, coffee, food, etc



  • June 1 Rough Draft
  • July 1 Completion

Meeting Notes: March 27

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3/27 Steering Committee Notes

Submitted by: Amy Caskie
Attendance: Lamar Graham, Amy Caskie,

Volunteer Committee Meeting

March 27, 2019

Jane began with a short prayer.

Lamar let us know there was no agenda. His vision for the future of Heart to Heart is a larger building with quality food and services including services of other organizations (Employment, Social Services, Voter Registration, etc). This would be an expansion of what we’re already doing on a grander scale, in order to impact the larger community.

Lamar asked what our major concerns were as it pertains to Heart to Heart.

  • Amy noted that we could use more employees.
  • Cheryl discussed how she and Loren are talking about the focus of their service going forward in light of their health issues. She updated us a lot on the Share and Learn gardens at MECDC. Also discussed future community garden at North Campus.
  • Kathleen shared her concern regarding volunteer burnout including duties placed on volunteers that maybe should not.
  • Kathleen is concerned that we are getting so much food that sometimes we have to give it to other organizations. Mark and Melody second that concern. Do we have the resources to be a distribution center for all the organizations?
  • What is the strategy for pickups? The locations are too far away, using their own gas, age concerns for retired volunteers, and to do all that work and not keeping some the food.
  • Building access:
    • 1984* Lincoln Road Chapel lock box:
      • Contains key to Lincoln Road
      • Key to Heart to Heart van
      • Contains key to Annex?
    • 1042 Heart to Heart door lock box
      • Key to Pantry
      • Key to Waiting Room
      • Key to Spiritual Searcher room
    • Reception desk has access to the annex key
      • Steve McClarren Friday mornings at 6:30am needs regular access
    • When we have too much of something we should give more out to clients. What we have is what we share.
    • Janice Rook suggested a weekly update from Lamar about the strategy for food distribution.
    • The leak in the roof is still not fixed
      • Can maintenance empty the bucket of water from the leak into the sink and wipe down the walls?
    • Bob from the Rotary has funds he might donate
      • He has used commercial shelving he wants to give us for the basement in Lincoln Road, which is too full to even get the shelves in. Melody needs help to set those up. Kate said we need locking doors to secure things before we invest too much time and energy.
  • Jane April 17-27 vacation
  • Kitty April 9-May 31 vacation

Leaders will have the list:

  • Backup last minute volunteers
  • Update regularly

NEXT MEETING: April 24, 12-1:30pm in the South Campus library

30 minutes next meeting for looking at where to find things

Meeting Notes: March 4

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3/4 Orientation Planning Sub-Committee Notes

Present:  Lamar Graham, Mark Tucker, Kitty Rohrer

Information to Include in an in-person Orientation to Heart-to-Heart:

  • Why have a Food Pantry?
    • Stats & Figures re: Poverty in Central Ohio Area
    • Impact of Food Insecurity or Hunger on Individuals/Families
    • Who Are Our Clients?
    • “Poverty Brain” & impact of Chronic Stress
    • What do our clients need beyond food
      • Buffering Relationships
      • Support
      • Hope
    • Heart-to-Heart Philosophy
    • Heart-to-Heart History
    • Basic Information
      • Days & Times of Pantry for Clients:
        • Tues & Thurs 8:30am to 1:00pm
        • Eligibility Details for Shopping
        • Once every 30 Days
        • No Zip Code Restrictions
        • Define “Choice Pantry” & H2H’s Belief
      • Days & Times of Pantry Stocking:
        • Mondays 9:00am to 10:30am (1st, 3rd, & 4th Mondays)
        • 2nd Monday 9:00 to 10:30 & 1:00pm to 3:00pm (Big Order arrival from Mid-Ohio Food Bank)
        • Wednesdays 3:00pm to 4:30pm
        • Fridays 10:00am to 11:00am
      • Descriptions of the Various Volunteer Jobs
        • Stocking Responsibilities under Melody
          • Lifting so much weight
          • Rotating stock
          • Weighing all donations
          • Documenting Donations
          • Recycling cardboard
          • Work with Students
          • Pickup Responsibilities
            • Stores & Locations
            • Contacts
            • Process
            • Weigh-ins & Documentation
        • Client Services on Shopping Days
          • Computer Registration (Describe Pantry-Trak & our connection to Mid-Ohio Food Bank)
          • Shopping with Clients
          • Shift Leader
          • Carrying groceries to client’s cars
          • Reading to/Entertaining Children
          • Restocking treats, coffee, food, etc

Meeting Notes: February 27

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2/27 Steering Committee Notes

Submitted by: Kathleen Kennedy-Hatcher/Amy Caskie
Attendance: Lamar Graham, Amy Caskie, Kitty Rohrer, Janice Rook, Melody Smiley, Jane Ledman, Carla Edlefson, Kathleen Hatcher


  • What’s Good and New?


  • Amy is working with FCC Business Office to obtain emergency contact and waiver forms for volunteers. She will have information by March meeting. UPDATE: The business office at the direction of Paul Anderson is working on waivers and emergency contacts (as a whole) for the organization. We will continue operating as we have been until we receive update from them. New Volunteers should fill out a “Volunteer Application” which requests emergency contact info. Amy can show the group where that information lives if needed at March meeting.
  • Lamar will check with Pam about an additional recycling bin. We are not sure of the current schedule. UPDATE: We can request another pickup day but not another bin. The issue being we are unsure they are actually getting picked up twice a week and when.
  • Separate case manager/client shopping day. Kitty has identified 2 or 3 possible homes to start. She proposes a Friday shopping time once a month. This will need to be scheduled around Friday deliveries. Lamar endorses this plan. A tentative trial (Soft Open) may be scheduled in June; we will discuss more specifics in March.
  • John Oberlin has obtained information on 3-4 options for additional AC. Lamar has shared them with Pam. Kathleen noted that all rooms on the north side of the annex building seem to be overheated…is this a building problem?
  • Lamar has a short list of possible trade partners to barter food. Melody has started trading with a church in Hilliard.
  • The committee on Volunteer Orientation will meet Monday, March 4, at noon. (Amy, Kitty, Leslie, Mark, Melody and Lamar) UPDATE: Meeting occurred. Melody, Leslie and Amy were unable to attend. Lamar will update us at the March meeting.
  • Eagle Scout Ian Murphy will repair and repainted our hallway March 8-10. UPDATE: Rescheduled to April 26-April 28
  • We have a lockbox containing pantry keys on the waiting room door. If the outside annex door is locked, the church receptionist has keys we can sign out and sign in on return. UPDATE: There is a key for the van in the lock box as well.
  • Lamar will be out of the country March 5-15. Will send an email to volunteer leaders reviewing responsibilities.
  • Hunger Hoedown profits were $2400!! 165 people attended. Next year’s date is 2/7/20.


  • Proposed by Janice: H2H future goals, 1 year, 5 year, etc. Our committee should keep these in mind as we meet.
  • Emergency food box procedures: There is one at both campus reception desks and Melody has some stored in the pantry for stocking days (Melody please update where they are located). If someone requests emergency food box, they need to fill out an ODJFS form and return it to Lamar. That’s our signal to replace the box and we also log it on Pantry Trak.
  • Setting a 15-minute limit on prayer and fellowship especially if our meetings are 90 minutes.
  • Inquired about the consideration of additional salaried personnel
  • Amy would like to take the group over to the pantry and review where they can find information in the desk and on the computer.
    1. Direct retail pickup forms
    2. ODJFS forms
    3. Receipt forms
    4. Proxy forms
    5. Minor Waivers
    6. Service Provider forms
    7. New> Volunteer Contact info
    8. Sheets for recording mats, blankets, etc.

NEXT MEETING: March 27, 12-1:30pm in the South Campus library

Meeting Notes: January 23

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1/23 Steering Committee Notes

  • Submitted by: Amy Caskie
  • Attending: Lamar Graham, Amy Caskie, Melody Smiley, Janie Ledman, Leslie Bowman, Michael Delphia, Kathleen Hatcher, Kitty Rohrer, Loren VanDeusen, Nancy Donaldson, Mark Tucker, Janice Rook

Opening Prayer: Lamar

Introduction: Lamar

  • What he sees us doing as a steering committee
  • Strategic direction
  • Values varieties of talents and skills of all individuals on team
  • Everyone here is a key volunteer and vital to our success
  • Not a voting democracy
    • Kitty: then what recourse do we have?
    • Amy: direct communication with Lamar
    • Kathleen: email/text response is lagging
    • Lamar: will work on better communication

Personal Introductions/ What is New and Good

  • Lamar is going on vacation. Recently spent time with grandparents
  • Nancy Donaldson
  • Mark Tucker coordinates larger pickups and does them 4-5 days a week. Going to Hawaii in 2 weeks.
  • Michael Delphia loves ordering from MOFB. His goal is to always have some of everything.
  • Kitty works the desk on Tuesday and supervises Leslie, who is almost done with her MSW. She also handles resource line team. Brief overview of how that works.
  • Janice works late shift Tuesdays and Thursdays, sometimes helps Weds night stocking.
  • Leslie Bowman’s daughter made the cast of Cinderella at Ballet Met April 17-ish. Her car is now fixed.
  • Amy is not a volunteer, working for all of Missions.
  • Kathleen now does the closing shift on Thursday instead of shopping shifts and helping melody stock on Wednesday afternoon. Good in her life is visiting her one-year old grandson next weekend and will miss the Hoedown.
  • Melody is the head of stocking, and often comes in Tue/Thu as well. She has taken over the role and made it awesome.
  • Jane Ledman team leader Thursday morning. Good news is planning a family reunion in November.
  • Loren and Cheryl run the NC gardens and working on Community gardens. Van Deusens leaving tomorrow for Napa Valley to visit family.

Old Business

  • AC Unit in Pantry
    • John Oberlin has obtained 3 bids for the AC Unit
    • Mark Tucker is ready to move forward, waiting on more information from Pam
  • Re-donating Children’s Books
    • Lutheran Social Services food pantry
    • Melody regularly puts them out in pantry, gave several to Christmas Presence
    • Nancy Donaldson knows another person who might be interested in them
    • Group agrees we should share the books.
    • Other book-related ideas:
      • Unassigned Action Item: Get in touch with church leaders of youth to do service project reading to kids in the pantry as there are more children in the pantry in the summer
      • Unassigned Action Item: Team leaders run a program to reward kids for reading while they are there
      • Action Item: Loren was doing to investigate small toys as rewards for reading from Star Beacon/Dollar Store
      • Unassigned  Action Item: Find resources for adult literacy.
  • Back Up Volunteers
    • Collect contact information and follow up with them for specifics in Sign Up Genius
      • Action Item: Amy will add an additional question to each Sign Up Genius
      • Unassigned Action Item: someone will follow up to see when and for what they’re willing to volutneer
      • No volunteer contact information will be shared without expressed permission
    • All volunteers have access to the list
      • Action Item: Amy will create the list and post it on the password-protected webpage for Volunteers
      • Amy reviewed how to access this new page, handout distributed with password
        • Amy will post meeting notes as blog posts and corrections can be made in comments sections
    • Shared place for volunteer ideas to live, possible a distribution email list.
      • Revisit this idea: Too many emails back and forth, think of a way to put them all in one place without “Reply All” emails
  • Case Worker Shop Day
    • Kitty revisited and emphasized the need for a separate shopping time for case managers and clients
      • suggested trying to work out a shopping time on Friday
      • offered to try to tally an approximate number of shoppers this might involve

New Business


  • Team suggested Adult Waivers with place to add emergency contact
  • All current volunteers need to give us an emergency contact for each volunteer
  • Amy Caskie has contacted Paul Anderson to review current waivers in place
  • Action Item: Amy will add possibility of an adult waiver to the list

Volunteer Orientation

  • Volunteers would have to provide their emergency contact info
  • Idea to create an orientation video for all volunteers that would cover such things as
    • what to do in case of emergency
    • how to use sign up genius
    • possible ways to volunteer
    • what to do if you’re picking up a donation (don’t sign up if you don’t know how)
    • how to lift and carry things (OSHA regulations)
    • paperwork you need to fill out and information we need to have for you.
    • Action Items: Subcommittee to work on all things video should cover
      • Kitty
      • Lamar
      • Amy
      • Melody
      • Mark
    • Subcommittee will gather information and present to entire steering committee for review before contacting Marketing dept to record.

Recycling Cardboard

  • Overflow of container continues to be a problem
    • Pam wants us to get another recycle dumpster for Heart to Heart use only
    • Action Item: Lamar will touch base with Pam to investigate getting another dumpster

Hunger Hoedown

  • Please sign up to volunteer
    • especially need food donations
  • Please purchase tickets online
    • share the event with friends/invite people on social media

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

  • Please RSVP ASAP
  • Suggestion that future volunteer dinners should include a guest speaker or training of some sort

Volunteer with Monday Night Meals

  • Lamar explained how this works with Carol Baker and Friends of the Homeless
  • Group concluded this is something enough of them would be interested in doing to decide on a date
  • Action Item: Amy will include a link to vote on which date is best in weekly email
    • April 15 or March 18

Souper Heroes

  • Kitty explained how the event works
  • Hey Hey Bar & Grille on January 27


  • Next meeting: Wednesday, February 27, 12pm-2pm

Meeting Notes: November 2018

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11/28 Steering Committee Notes

  • Submitted by: Kathleen Kennedy-Hatcher
  • Attending: Lamar, Melody, Janie, Leslie, Doug, Michael, Kathleen


  • There is a new chest freezer in Lincoln Road basement!
  • The refrigerator door in the pantry is repaired, under warranty!
  • Some Eagle Scout candidates have contacted Lamar about pantry projects.
  • John Oberlin and Mark Tucker continue research on additional AC in pantry…
  • H2H Sunday, 11/18/18: We had about 40 visitors to the pantry for tours, and information on volunteering! We discussed finding an alternate date for food donations due to conflict with youth Thanksgiving donations.


  • Doug Graham discussed his coordinating of 13 small pick ups each week. We currently pick up from Huffman’s Market, Fresh Market, Marc’s, and multiple Starbucks.
  • Mark Tucker coordinates large pickups from GFS, Target, Giant Eagle, and Aldi’s.
  • Lamar shared his concern with MWF pickups at Aldi’s located on Sawmill Parkway..a distance from most of our drivers. Concerns of travel time, mileage. Is there another food pantry/donation site / Dublin church we might share with?
  • Doug would like to coordinate those pick-ups with Melody’s stocking shift time.
  • Doug hopes to create a spreadsheet of pick up volunteers.
  • Michael orders from Mid Ohio Food Bank and tries to “jump on” free offers , stay within budget, and coordinate with Melody on pantry needs.
  • Kathleen asked for a master list of volunteer information (name, email, phone, volunteer position), or at least a list of Tuesday/Thursday desk people, primary leaders, and a written list of of leaders’ job descriptions in the pantry.
  • Leslie shared that Christmas Presence has adopted 30 H2H families, and
  • Wickliffe Elementary has adopted 6 families!
  • As part of her Master’s Program,Leslie will present a program on Poverty Brain…date and time to be announced.
  • Leslie stated that there may be needs for food we cannot save at Holy Family Church, Gladden Community House, and Northwest Methodist Church on Riverside Drive. We agreed to follow up on these sources in 2019.
  • We are wonder about the amount of food we send to Homeless Families on every Thursday. Can they use it all? Do we need to find other outlets?
  • City Scene Magazine will have an article featuring OUR Hunger Hoedown!


  • No December Meeting.
  • Next meeting: Wednesday, January 23, 2019.