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September 2019

Social Media Manager

By Jobs

Heart to Heart food pantry at First Community Church

Job Description

Title: Volunteer Social Media Manager

Reports to: Food Pantry Director

Status: Volunteer

Anticipated Work Hours: 10 hours per week


Job Summary

Manage the social media accounts for the Heart to Heart food pantry at First Community Church.  Work to grow an engaged online community and maintain a consistent dialogue on the topics of interest for food pantry clientele, volunteers and both community and congregation members.

Essential Functions

  • Maintaining direct communication with the Director and Administrator. Regularly check emails and text messages from individuals in the organization, and returning or being available for phone calls as needed.
    • Providing meaningful feedback to the Director and Administrator about the results of social media engagement efforts.
    • Clearly communicate availability to attend and publicize events and projects. As necessary make arrangements for individuals within the organization/community to attend events in your place and communicate information to you for posting and sharing.
  • Understanding and abiding by the policy of First Community Church with regard to identifying pictured individuals, whether minor or adult. Obtaining written permission to post pictures of individuals, with Parent/Guardian consent for minors.
  • Operating within the guidelines of church visual identity and general copyright law as it applies to both images and text.
  • Keep up with current community events and services that may appeal to the respective audiences of the food pantry and communicate the details using appropriate social media platforms and messaging. Provide applicable information for both clientele and volunteers, as well as general information for community members and congregants.
    • Managing Facebook account for the food pantry, posting at least daily. Developing and maintaining a schedule of posting which appeals to a wide audience.  Creating engaging and interactive posts as often as possible, with requests to Share and Like to build an online following.
    • Managing Instagram account for the food pantry, posting at least weekly. Obtain or produce graphic images and captions clearly communicating information (with appropriate hyperlinks and tags) about events, services, and individuals pictured.  Attributing copyrighted images and reposts to their legal owners.
    • Managing Twitter account for the food pantry, posting as often as able. Following the accounts of associated community programs and leaders locally, nationally and internationally. Growing followers not only from our community but maintaining a consistent presence in the dialogue on awareness of hunger and low-income benefits and services.

Other Responsibilities

  • Attend meetings of the volunteer committee of the food pantry. Provide insight and accept feedback, as an integral part of the group. If unable to attend, review meeting minutes and respond as applicable.
  • Attend functions hosted by the food pantry as available.
  • Attend other meetings and activities as requested by the Food Pantry Director.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Familiarity with social media platforms and respective cell phone apps.
  • Access to a digital camera and cell phone/computer with apps installed/able to be installed.
  • Customer-service mindset and strong communication skills, with an aptitude for writing.
  • Basic understanding of search engine optimization and content marketing.
  • Ability to obtain or produce graphics within guidelines of church visual identity and general copyright law.

Core Competencies

Organization. Must have excellent time management skills; return phone calls expeditiously and courteously, and communicates information in a timely manner.

Managing Purpose and Vision. Understand the mission and vision of First Community church, especially Heart to Heart, and appropriately align project work to maintain those goals.

Flexibility. Have the ability to respond to unexpected situations and other circumstances that may arise, and adjust work priorities appropriately.

Trust and Integrity. Is trustworthy and truthful; can compassionately communication and listen with confidence and confidentiality.

Interpersonal Relationships. Can genuinely relate to a wide variety of people both inside and outside of the congregation and pantry; can maintain personal and professional boundaries; can build effective and constructive relationships; uses respect, diplomacy, and tact; can accept constructive criticism with an open mind and spirit.

Statistics: August 2019

By Statistics

85 Unique Volunteers


Service Statistics

484 Households served

1,652 Individuals served

257 Seniors served (60+)

839 Adults served (18-59)

556 Children served (0-18)

14,868 Meals served


Food Received (pounds)

1,009 Fresh Market

2,024 Giant Eagle

666 GFS

366 Huffman’s Market

829 Marc’s

15,252 Mid-Ohio Foodbank

Ordered 10844

Donated 4408

109 Starbucks

2,938 Target

226 First Community Church