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Meeting Notes: November 2018

By November 18, 2018 Meetings

11/28 Steering Committee Notes

  • Submitted by: Kathleen Kennedy-Hatcher
  • Attending: Lamar, Melody, Janie, Leslie, Doug, Michael, Kathleen


  • There is a new chest freezer in Lincoln Road basement!
  • The refrigerator door in the pantry is repaired, under warranty!
  • Some Eagle Scout candidates have contacted Lamar about pantry projects.
  • John Oberlin and Mark Tucker continue research on additional AC in pantry…
  • H2H Sunday, 11/18/18: We had about 40 visitors to the pantry for tours, and information on volunteering! We discussed finding an alternate date for food donations due to conflict with youth Thanksgiving donations.


  • Doug Graham discussed his coordinating of 13 small pick ups each week. We currently pick up from Huffman’s Market, Fresh Market, Marc’s, and multiple Starbucks.
  • Mark Tucker coordinates large pickups from GFS, Target, Giant Eagle, and Aldi’s.
  • Lamar shared his concern with MWF pickups at Aldi’s located on Sawmill Parkway..a distance from most of our drivers. Concerns of travel time, mileage. Is there another food pantry/donation site / Dublin church we might share with?
  • Doug would like to coordinate those pick-ups with Melody’s stocking shift time.
  • Doug hopes to create a spreadsheet of pick up volunteers.
  • Michael orders from Mid Ohio Food Bank and tries to “jump on” free offers , stay within budget, and coordinate with Melody on pantry needs.
  • Kathleen asked for a master list of volunteer information (name, email, phone, volunteer position), or at least a list of Tuesday/Thursday desk people, primary leaders, and a written list of of leaders’ job descriptions in the pantry.
  • Leslie shared that Christmas Presence has adopted 30 H2H families, and
  • Wickliffe Elementary has adopted 6 families!
  • As part of her Master’s Program,Leslie will present a program on Poverty Brain…date and time to be announced.
  • Leslie stated that there may be needs for food we cannot save at Holy Family Church, Gladden Community House, and Northwest Methodist Church on Riverside Drive. We agreed to follow up on these sources in 2019.
  • We are wonder about the amount of food we send to Homeless Families on every Thursday. Can they use it all? Do we need to find other outlets?
  • City Scene Magazine will have an article featuring OUR Hunger Hoedown!


  • No December Meeting.
  • Next meeting: Wednesday, January 23, 2019.