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Volunteer of the Month: May 2022

By May 2, 2022Volunteer

Rebecca Ryan

I am thrilled to be volunteer of the moth.  A few years ago when my daughter left for college, and my son left to live in Spain, I had a huge hole in my heart.  I had spent a lot of time volunteering with their school activities, so I needed to find a new volunteer job.  Thankfully, Sarah and Yohan found an opportunity for me to volunteer on Wednesday evenings with the church youth, which fit with my work schedule.  Working with Sarah, Yohan, Jimmy, (leaders) and the youth Nathan, David, Skylar, Bella and many other amazing kids, we have so much fun filling the grocery bags for the pantry.  We play music and sing.  These kids work so hard, and I am so impressed by them.  They  give me so much hope for the future of our church, and the world.  I have this quote saved at home, from a newsletter sent out by Dr. Wing, and I believe it to be true “The happiest people are those who have sought and found how to serve” by Albert Schweitzer. Helping on Wednesday truly makes me happy.