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Volunteer of the Month: August 2022

By August 1, 2022Volunteer

Beth Ryan

I started volunteering for Heart to Heart in December 2020 and pick up meat from Giant Eagle Marketplace Kingsdale every Friday morning. I have become friends with the Giant Eagle Receiving staff and learned to wrangle large cardboard boxes of heavy meat into a truck. I appreciate Yohan’s assistance in unloading the meat at FCC-South. We have a network of other meat pick-up volunteers, such as Glen Zook, Steve Young, and TC Brown, who help cover Friday pick-up when I am unavailable to pick up the meat. We are definitely a team! Recently, I had the opportunity to walk the 26-mile Inca Trail to Machu Picchu along with other members of FCC and friends. It was an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

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