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Pop UPdate: February 2023

By March 5, 2023March 7th, 2023Pupdate

In February, the Pop Up Pantry, delivered to the following sites:

  • Feb 1:        Commons at Livingston – 31
  • Feb 8:        Hope Resource Center – 34
  • Feb 15:      Southpoint – 39
  • Feb 22:      Grant – 20
  • Feb 23:      Riverview International Center – 37

Pop Up 2023 Monthly totals:

  • January:     153
  • February:    161

YTD:     Individuals/families served:  314

On February 8th, Hope Resource Center honored 52 of their brothers and sisters who they lost to addiction or gun violence with a touching and hopeful Memorial Service.  Their brothers and sisters were addicts/alcoholics who led complicated lives.  Unfortunately, society is quick to place a label on them and dismiss them.

Our Pop Up Team went to the Memorial Service honoring all our friends and neighbors who have passed.  It was heartbreaking to hear the names of those we served.  Our Pop Up team is blessed to have known them.  We continue to hold our Hope friends and neighbors in our prayers.

The work the Hope Resource Center does for so many is a gift.   A gift of ‘Love’ – A gift of ‘new beginnings’ – A gift of ‘life’ – A gift of ‘Hope’.  They are blessings and make this world a better place.  We are honored to be a part of this caring organization.

Several of our team attended the Heart to Heart Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.  It was good to get together and socialize with other volunteers.  We appreciate all the work Amy and Yohan put into making Heart to Heart run successfully and their continued support of our Pop Up Pantry.

We are grateful for everyone who contributes to Heart to Heart and the Pop Up Pantry with their continued donations and service.