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Getting to Know You: Administrative Assistant

By March 8, 2024Staff Bio

Amanda Brofford


Amanda Brofford is the Missions Administrative Assistant at First Community.  This month she will be celebrating her first year work anniversary.  She manages data, acknowledgements for all generous donations to the Missions department and miscellaneous tasks to support Amy and Yohan.

Her employment background is varied; she has been a waitress, bookkeeper, records manager, and QA specialist to name a few.

Amanda is a lifelong resident of Grove City where she resides with her hubby Joel, twin teens Amber & Emma, Sophia the cat and Mr Cuddles an adorable fuzzy bunny.  Their oldest, Ashley (24), lives close by.

When not working, she can be found cheering her kiddos on at various band performances, volunteering at church, attending various music concerts or riding her bicycle.  The Brofford family enjoys walking in nature, traveling, watching comedies and true crime stories.


Editor’s Note:
Amanda is a part-time employee who spends part of that time working from home. When she is on site, she’s usually hidden away in her office diligently working. You may not see her around a lot but she is an integral part of the team. She is quiet and maybe a bit shy, but secretly hilarious. If you have not already, please introduce yourself next time you see her.

Amanda on her daily bike ride. Unless it’s raining, or snowing, or there’s an air quality alert, or…


Brofford Family. From left to right: Ashley, Amanda, Amber, Joel, and Emma. Nutcracker not included.


Mr. Cuddles, obviously


Sofia the cat