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Do Justice. Love Kindness. Walk Humbly.
Director: (614) 488-0681 ext. 106
Manager: (614) 488-0681 ext. 203
This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
Tuesdays 9am to 12pm
Thursdays 9am to 12pm
First Community South
1320 Cambridge Blvd. Columbus, OH 43212

Weekly Update

Service Statistics

Households served via Drive-Thru

  • 40 on May 10
  • 54 on May 12

Households served via Pop-up

Volunteer Opportunities

We still need help with some shifts next week. The number of volunteers needed is indicated in parenthesis after the shift time and description.

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Monday, May 16
8:45 am – 9:30 am Cold Stocking (1)
9:30 am – 10:30 am MOFB Shop-Thru (1)
9:30 am – 11 am Stocking & Setup (2)

Tuesday, May 17
8:30 am – 10:00  pm Drive-Thru (1)
10:00 am – 12:30 am Drive-Thru (5)

Wednesday, May 18
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm MOFB Shop-Thru (1)
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm Shop & Stock (3)

Thursday, May 19
10:00 am – 12:30 pm Drive-Thru (6)

Friday, May 20
9:30 am – 10:30 am  Cold Stocking (2)
10:00 am – 11:30 am Preshop (4)

Upcoming Events

Family Gardening Project

Join the youth team for Family Sunday Missions, a chance for kids and the grown-ups they love to come together with others to connect, hear a short lesson, and do a Midweek Missions style hands-on service project. Children of all ages and abilities and their grown-up/s are invited to gather for this casual program to learn, serve and socialize.

On June 5, the group with gather at First Community South in the parking lot at 10am. We will be doing a gardening project for Heart to Heart. Bring your gardening gloves and a trowel!

Register here!

Art Festival Beverage Booth Volunteers

For the past few years, we have participated in the Columbus Arts Festival, staffing a beverage booth selling water and soda. In return for our service, the festival donates a part of their proceeds to Heart to Heart. We also collect tips at the booth which are ours to keep! Altogether, we earn between $1,000 and $1,500 per year.

This year, we will again be selling water and soda at the Columbus Arts Festival, June 10-12. Yohan will be setting up the booth Friday, Kate will be working all day Saturday, and Amy will close up shop on Friday! We’ll need cashiers, stockers, and leads/talkers. Cashiers must be comfortable with cash handling and technology (iPads and Square). Stocking involves heavy lifting. Volunteers with work with Heart to Heart staff, hand out items, and talk to customers about the pantry. All should be prepared for hot weather.

Volunteer Education Opportunities

Fresh Trak Beginner Basics

This workshop will provide the fundamentals to get started with FreshTrak at your agency. Participants with learn how to administer the intake process using FreshTrak and will be guided on best practices for developing an efficient process in registering your clients. For agencies already using FreshTrak, this workshop will be helpful as a refresher of the basics. You must register with your name, email address and phone number as well as your Agency Name (Heart to Heart #1042). Training will be held via Zoom.

Fresh Trak 
May 18, 2 pm

Visit for registration information

Fresh Trak Beyond the Basics

PantryTrak was developed to make customer check in quick and easy so that our agencies could focus on what is most important – those you serve. PantryTrak is more than an intake software, though. Over the years, it has grown to include several exciting features that most agencies are not aware of. This workshop will expand your knowledge of the PantryTrak system and help you unlock even more tools that can maximize your service potential. Participants will learn how to access deeper layers of data, manage the FreshTrak reservation system, and how to troubleshoot your services to ensure 100% accuracy. You must register with your name, email address and phone number as well as your Agency Name (Heart to Heart #1042). Training will be held via Zoom.

Fresh Trak 2.0
May 24, 2 pm

Visit for registration information

Darkness to Light

This training class is provided by Nationwide Children’s Hosptial. Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children is an evidence-informed prevention solution that increases knowledge, improves attitudes, and changes child protective behaciors. The training combines two 45 minute video sessions filled with real people and real stores along with a 30-minute virtual discussion about protecting children. During the discussion, you’ll receive a list of local resources to support healthy, happy kids.

Stewards of Children
June 18, 10 am – 12:30 pm

Visit for registration information

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