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Do Justice. Love Kindness. Walk Humbly.
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This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
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First Community South
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Volunteer of the Month: July 2022

By Volunteer

Jeff Keller

With such high food prices, I have noticed that the number of clients we serve at Hart to Hart each week seems to be much higher.  Often I hear people say things like, “I am thankful for whatever you can give us”.  The thing I like best about being able to serve is the feeling of thankfulness I receive each week.  I am thankful for the church, thankful for the other volunteers, and thankful for the Hart to Hart administrative support staff.  But most of all I am thankful for our clients.  They have the courage to visit us on a regular basis when doing so may be hard for some. Sometimes I feel like I am far too entitled in life; but serving at Hart to Hart helps me to understand the real meaning of thankfulness.

Volunteer of the Month: June 2022

By Volunteer

Tom and Carol Rieland

“It’s such an honor to be able to be able to help out.  We are proud of First Community’s ongoing commitment to serving our neighbors at a time of great need.  What also makes the experience special is the amazing volunteers we have gotten to know – praying, joking and enjoying our service together.”

Volunteer of the Month: May 2022

By Volunteer

Rebecca Ryan

I am thrilled to be volunteer of the moth.  A few years ago when my daughter left for college, and my son left to live in Spain, I had a huge hole in my heart.  I had spent a lot of time volunteering with their school activities, so I needed to find a new volunteer job.  Thankfully, Sarah and Yohan found an opportunity for me to volunteer on Wednesday evenings with the church youth, which fit with my work schedule.  Working with Sarah, Yohan, Jimmy, (leaders) and the youth Nathan, David, Skylar, Bella and many other amazing kids, we have so much fun filling the grocery bags for the pantry.  We play music and sing.  These kids work so hard, and I am so impressed by them.  They  give me so much hope for the future of our church, and the world.  I have this quote saved at home, from a newsletter sent out by Dr. Wing, and I believe it to be true “The happiest people are those who have sought and found how to serve” by Albert Schweitzer. Helping on Wednesday truly makes me happy.

Volunteer of the Month: April 2022

By Volunteer

Monday Stockers

The Monday Morning Stocking Team is our Volunteer of the Month for April. This close-knit dependable team is made up of Beth Simeon, Christine Carney, Marcy Miller, Eileen Covell, Carol Bramschreiber, and Pam Vazsonyi. Here’s what they had to say: “Usually Mondays aren’t a day to look forward to, but being part of the many hands of the ‘Can-Can Girls’ always makes it fun.”

Volunteer of the Month: March 2022

By Volunteer

Vickie Murphy and Dan Davis

We both were baptized and raised at First Community Church.  An integral part of that experience was the challenge to be of service both to the church and the larger community.  Vickie began volunteering at Heart to Heart several years ago and has worked in a number of capacities.  Dan began a few months ago.  Heart to Heart provides that opportunity of service.  For us, as well, it gives an opportunity to share in something we both find meaningful.  Plus we’ve made some wonderful new friends.  Kudos to Yohan Kim who has created an efficient process that makes volunteering fun!

Volunteer of the Month: February 2022

By Volunteer

Charlie Jacob

I’m pleased to be part of the crew that unloads the truck from MOFB. Moreover, I’m happy to be slinging the boxes. The pantry has various jobs. Putting things away and organizing isn’t my strong suit. My grandfather asked me a question when I was 12 or 13. He asked, “Charles do you know the best way to kill time?” I told him that I didn’t know. He responded, “work it to death.” I believe that Heart to Heart is a worthy cause. When I’m volunteering, I’m just killing time.

Volunteer of the Month: January 2022

By Volunteer

Emma Ponitz

She is a senior at OSU and a Marine Option Midshipman in Naval ROTC, who can often be found checking in neighbors during our drive-thru. Prior to that role, Emma did a lot of stocking and shopping for the pantry. Her poised leadership, patience, and adaptability continue to impress. The regular volunteers for her shifts have welcomed her as part of their family, more of which you can read about in her own words here:

I started volunteering at Heart to Heart in fall 2019 with a student group from Ohio State. I really enjoyed the environment and people at Heart to Heart so I began signing up on my own. Since my class schedule changes each semester, I’ve gotten to sign up for the pantry, shopping, restocking, and unloading meat. The past few semesters, I’ve loved volunteering during the Tuesday morning pantry. The group of volunteers at this shift have become like my family away from home and I am incredibly grateful for them.

It has also been a very rewarding experience to check-in regular and new clients and to see the impact of everyone’s hard work throughout the week. I’m looking forward to meeting more volunteers and continuing to help the Columbus community with this great organization!

Volunteer of the Month: December 2021

By Volunteer

Andrea Keil

One of the reasons I was drawn to First Community as a church home was their emphasis on modeling faith through service and strong community engagement. After becoming a member in 2020, I was looking for ways to get more involved and began volunteering at Heart to Heart in late summer 2021. I have greatly enjoyed connecting with other First Community members and regular clients during my Thursday shifts at the pantry drive-thru. Everyone showed such patience and kindness while I was learning the ropes and, thanks to Yohan’s calm and steady leadership, continues to create a warm and positive atmosphere for both the volunteers and the clients we are assisting. Volunteering at Heart to Heart is the perfect way to live out First’ Community’s mission of demonstrating unconditional love through caring action!

Andrea Keil

Volunteer of the Month: November 2021

By Volunteer

Carolyn Barger

I was compelled to start volunteering at Heart to Heart in the midst of the COVID Pandemic because I knew it was one of the most important ways to provide immediate relief to those in need.

I began in August 2020 by packing dry goods bags every Monday afternoon. I truly looked forward to my weekly Monday shift and met some other wonderful volunteers. As Yohan joined the team, I became more impressed with the Heart to Heart mission and became interested in helping out even more – especially on the drive-thru days where I could engage with our neighbors. So I joined the Tuesday drive-thru pantry volunteer team. I have loved working with these dedicated volunteers, learning the different roles at the drive-thru, and most of all getting to engage with our neighbors with a smile and positive word.

Heart to Heart has been an unexpected blessing in my life…. great people and a tremendous mission! The sign in the back of the pantry inspires me each week with the Charles Dickens quote, “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

Volunteer of the Month: October 2021

By Volunteer

George Falkenbach

Prior to this year, I had volunteered to assist at Heart to Heart assembling shelves in the basement of the annex to be used to store canned foods.  I knew little what Heart to Heart was all about.  Having recently retired, I answered a call for assistance in February of this year.  Through continued volunteering I have made friendships with the other volunteers; however, what is most rewarding for me is experiencing the gratitude from the patrons that frequent Heart to Heart.  They are truly most thankful for its presence and for that I am also thankful.